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Beyond the Music

In addition to the awesome artist lineup, we're excited to bring these special guests on board!

  • Wholeshot Tattoo

    Wholeshot Tattoo

    Jeff Shea, Erik Inclan, and Shelly Wahweotton of Wholeshot Tattoo are excited to ink you with a cruise memory to last a lifetime! Stop by during scheduled hours to discuss your ideas or get a quick piece of flash. Prices start at $60 and vary based on design.
  • Keith Bell Airbrush

    Keith Bell Airbrush

    Keith Bell is a commissioned Airbrush artist from DuQuoin, Il. His work has been featured by Kid Rock, Members of the Detroit Lions, LoCash, Brantley Gilbert, and Rob O'Neill.
    Let him create a one of a kind art for you...
  • Outlaw Yoga

    Outlaw Yoga

    Outlaw Yoga is a revolutionary power yoga community, a technically simple and physically challenging way to practice a new way of being on and off the mat.

    Outlaw Yoga is powerful, bold, present and fun. A style of yoga and community and a way of living at it’s core, Outlaw Yoga is a movement to bring yoga to the people - all people - young and old, short and tall, skinny and fat, veggie loving vegans and carnivorous couch potatoes, hardcore bikers and hard charging cyclists, gals and dudes, fighters and lovers, soldiers and tree huggers. 

    Outlaw Yoga is for everyone!

  • Dance Classes with Kelly & Crystal

    Dance Classes with Kelly & Crystal

    Kelly Mckenzie is a dancer/model/actress from Munich, Germany currently residing in Los Angeles. She has been in musicals such as 'Skybirds' and music videos for various artists. Her on screen credits include tv shows such as 'Stuck Together' and the Netflix pilot 'Tonk' as well as movies like ‘Sweetheart Tiffany’

    Currently one can find her dancing on Kid Rock’s ‘American Rock'n Roll' Tour.

    Crystal Schaefer is your California girl! She received her BA in Sociology and Dance from the University of Boulder, Colorado. 

    Crystal is represented by MSA Talent Agency in Los Angeles and has had the opportunity to work with top performing artists including Rihanna, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Paula Abdul, Taylor Swift, La Toya Jackson, Foo Fighters, Ne-Yo, Nicki Minaj, Florida Georgia Line & more. She has also been featured on hit TV shows including Dancing with the Stars, Disney channel, Dance Mom’s, Fuller House and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

    Presently she choreographs her own weekly burlesque show in LA and teaches kids. Currently she loves choreographing, teaching and performing with the Kid Rock family!

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