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Theme Nights

Theme nights are our equivalent of the ultimate costume party! They're your chance to get creative and crazy to show your vacation spirit. Go all in with full costumes or keep it simple with a few pieces of flair, it's totally up to you! Theme nights are optional, but it's way more fun if you join the fun. 


  • Red, White, & Blue Night

    Red, White, & Blue Night

    Tuesday, April 10

    We come from all walks of life and all corners of the world, but on this boat we’re one big dysfunctional family united by our love for Kid Rock, rock & roll, and all things ‘MERICA! Show your pride for the good ol’ U S of A with all red, white, and blue get-ups! It’ll be a 4th of July party in April!

  • Sweet Southern Luau Night

    Sweet Southern Luau Night

    Wednesday, April 11

    Combine Tennessee twang with island vibes for this crazy, mixed up theme night! Dress to impress in Hawaiian shirts, seashell tops, and grass skirts combined with trucker hats, cowboy boots, and bandanas. However you want to mix it up, let’s get weird, wild, and lei’d!

  • Pimps & Hoes Party

    Pimps & Hoes Party

    Thursday, April 12

    This one’s for the bangin’ broads and fly guys! Fill your cup with pimp juice and prepare for a wicked night of fun. Pimpin’ ain’t easy . . .unless you’re on the Chillin’ the Most Cruise!

  • Po-Dunk Party

    Po-Dunk Party

    Friday, April 13

    No flying hillbilly f@&%s will be given because we’re all one family on this boat. Everyone has bright red necks tonight - let’s get trailer-park-trashy!




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