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  1. What is the Pre-Party?
  2. What is Kid Rock Cruise 2014?
  3. How does the Waiting List work?
  4. What does the price of Kid Rock Cruise 2014 include?
  5. How do I make a reservation?
  6. What information will I need to book my cabin?
  7. How does automatic billing work?
  8. How do I let someone add me to their reservation?
  9. What is a Sixthman Username, and how do I create one?
  10. How does travel insurance work?
  11. What is the Independent Traveler Program?
  12. Am I guaranteed access to all shows onboard?
  13. What is The Cannonball Club?

What is the Pre-Party?

The pre-party is a place for you to connect with other Chillin' the Most guests the night before the cruise. We’re going to give you a hotel and pre-party that rocks…and floats!

Norwegian Pearl is rockin’ the night before the cruise sails! You’ll be able to check in throughout the day on March 2nd, and we’ll set sail in the evening. We’ll have the best pre-party to date, out on the ocean with live music by supporting bands, a casino, and bars stumbling distance from your room. Then, we’ll come back to pick up any additional guests the next morning. As an added bonus, you’ll already be unpacked and settled, have FREE food, AND you’ll get to sleep in while others are boarding!

You can reserve your cabin for the pre-party night for a flat rate based on room category and number of guests at the same time you make your cabin reservation. ** PLEASE NOTE THE LAST DAY TO ADD THE PRE-PARTY TO YOUR RESERVATION WILL BE DECEMBER 5, 2013 FINAL PAYMENT DEADLINE AT 6:00PM ET.

  Cost Per Person
  Double (2)  Triple (3)   Quad (4)    Quint (5)
Interior $115 $98 $90 N/A
Ocean View $165 $132 $115 N/A
Balcony & Suites $215 $165 $140 $125

* The pre-party is only for guests sailing on Kid Rock Cruise 2014.
* Guests will stay in the same cabin they reserve for the cruise.
* The cost of the cabin for the pre-party is determined by the number of guests in the cabin during the cruise.  For instance, if you have a triple occupancy cabin for the cruise, you will pay the triple occupancy rate for the pre-party even if all three guests don't attend the pre-party.

You should arrive at the port no earlier than 12:30pm and must be on board by 8:00pm on Sunday, March 2nd, 2014. It is recommended that you book your flight to land in Miami no later than 3:00pm and to land in Ft. Lauderdale no later than 2:00pm. Everyone MUST be on board by 8:00pm, as we will set sail that evening.

The port is approximately 8 miles (25 minutes) from the Miami International Airport, and 25 miles (45 minutes) from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Please allow extra time for traffic.

Please contact us with any questions on the pre-party!

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What is Kid Rock Cruise 2014?

Join Kid Rock and Sixthman as we host Kid Rock’s 5th Annual Chillin’ the Most Cruise, sailing March 3-7, 2014 on Norwegian Pearl.  To make year five even more exciting, we’re changing it up by sailing from Miami to Key West and then coasting on to Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas.  We’re turning the private island into our very own Redneck Paradise, so bring your bikinis and grab a beer for an awesome beach party.  

Kid Rock is choosing a mind-blowing lineup, and of course we’ll have rockin’ activities and special events with your favorite artists.  Whether you're a cruise virgin or veteran, you’ll be joining the best dysfunctional family you've ever had.  The seas better brace themselves, because there ain’t no party like a Kid Rock party.  

The ship is awesome- it’ll keep the party hoppin’ from dusk till dawn.  We'll be throwing one crazy pre-party and enjoying the best live music on the boat and on the beach.  Get ready to rock that b*$#@ up and down the Caribbean for four amazing days.  And don’t forget your sunscreen, ‘cause year five’s bound to be a scorcher!

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How does the Waiting List work?

Kid Rock Cruise 2014 is currently full. If we have cancellations prior to departure (which we often do), we will fill those rooms via our waiting list.  To join the Waiting List click here.

When signing up for the waiting list, you will be asked what type of cabin you want and how many people you would like to put in your cabin. You will be required to put down a $199 deposit that is NON REFUNDABLE, except in the event we do not have a cabin for you by January 6, 2014.  This means that we will refund your deposit if we cannot accommodate your cabin request by January 6, 2014, but you will forfeit your deposit if you decide to take yourself off the list before that time. 

After January 6, 2014 we will send an email to everyone still on the waiting list asking if they would like to remain on it. If you would like to take yourself off of the waiting list at that time, you may do so and receive a check for the full refund of your deposit.  

FIRST AVAILABLE - If you chose “First Available – Waiting List First Available”, you are committing to take any type of cabin that matches your selected occupancy that may come available, including suites.

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What does the price of Kid Rock Cruise 2014 include?

The price of your room also includes:

  • 2 Kid Rock Pool Deck Shows
  • Round trip cruise from Port of Miami to Key West and Redneck Paradise
  • A full lineup of bands & artists hand-picked by Bob himself, with concerts all day and night
  • Special year 5 celebrations throughout the cruise
  • All meals on the ship and in Great Stirrup Cay (there's gourmet fare in the formal dining rooms, casual indoor and outdoor grills open for meals throughout the day and 24-hour room service).
  • Non-carbonated beverages (i.e. tea, juices, coffee).
  • Free entrance to hot spots like the ship's disco and casino.
  • Use of the ship's beautiful pools* (all with plenty of deck space to enjoy a cocktail and some great music).
  • Use of the Norwegian Pearl's health and fitness center.
  • Norwegian Splash Academy and Entourage facilities and activities if you're bringing children.**
  • Taxes, port charges and ticketing are added at check-out and pre-paid by you ($215.00 per person).

* Due to stage placement and weather conditions, some pools and hot tubs may be closed for safety during the cruise.
**From time to time, adjustments are made to children’s program hours and locations as required by our scheduled activities.

Not included are:

  • Gratuities ($12.00 per person, per day will be charged to your onboard spending account).
  • Gambling.
  • Spa.
  • Cover charges for Speciality Restaurants you choose to go to. (Pricing for each can be found here.)
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Soft drinks & bottled water. (However, cards are available for a low price which get you unlimited soft drinks throughout the cruise.)
  • Any meals, events or tours in Key West.
  • Pre- or post-cruise hotels - see our Hotel page for details.
  • Airfare.
  • Ground transportation.
  • Travel insurance (available through Sixthman).

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How do I make a reservation?

Placing a reservation is easy! You can book a cabin online at, or over the phone by calling 877-379-9178.

PLEASE NOTE!  Lead Passengers, if you or your guest(s) needs a Sixthman Username you can create one while booking.  If you and your guest have Sixthman Usernames, have your guest add you as an Approved Lead Passenger in their account.  You'll then see your guest in Your Authorized Guests list and you'll be able to add them as a guest in your cabin while booking!

Anyone who has traveled with Sixthman previously or signed up for the Kid Rock Cruise 2014 Pre-Sale has a username and will not need to create one.  If you don't know your login credentials, you can recover them here.

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What information will I need to book my cabin?

Cabin Selection: During booking you will select your desired cabin category and occupancy, so check out the pricing page.  You will select your exact room assignment, so also check out the Norwegian Pearl’s deck plans on that page.

Sixthman Usernames:  You'll need to login with (or create) a Sixthman Username to book. If you've traveled with Sixthman previously or signed up for the Kid Rock Cruise 2014 Pre-Sale you have a username.  Recover forgotten login credentials here, or contact us or try our live chat for immediate assistance.  If you or a guest needs a Sixthman Username you can create one while booking. 

Guest Permissions:  If you were a Lead Passenger on a prior event and are sailing with the same guests, your guests will be in a dropdown list for you to add to your cabin.  If you're sailing with someone who has a Sixthman Username but has NOT sailed with your previously, have your guests login to their Sixthman profile and add your username to their 'Approved Lead Passengers' list in the 'Guest Permissions' section. They'll then be on the dropdown list for you while booking.

Naming Guests: You can add your guests later but fees may apply.  See "Can I make changes to my reservation?" here for more details.  You are obligated for the full cruise fare of the occupancy level you select during the reservation process even if you do not add guests to fill your entire cabin.  If you wish to add guests beyond the capacity of the occupancy level you select during the reservation process you may do so based on availability for the additional cruise fare associated with the transaction.

Multiple Credit Card Payments: If you are paying with multiple credit cards, you will need all of the credit card numbers (with expiration date and card verification number) as well as the name and billing addresses for each card.

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How does automatic billing work?

Enroll in automatic billing, and relax knowing that your future payments will be made automatically.  When you book, we'll calculate an even monthly payment plan and you'll choose the day of the month you want your payments to be processed.  It's that easy!  Be sure to read the Automatic Billing FAQs for the answers to all your questions.

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How do I let someone add me to their reservation?

To let someone add you to their reservation, you'll need to have a Sixthman Username and add your lead passenger to Your Approved Lead Passengers list.  Create a Sixthman profile here, or login to your existing profile.  Then, in the Guest Permissions section, click the "Add New Lead Passenger" button and enter your lead passenger's username.  Once you save it, they'll appear in Your Approved Lead Passengers list.  You're all set, the lead passenger can now add you as a guest in their cabin!

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What is a Sixthman Username, and how do I create one?

Each guest needs a Sixthman Username to create, manage, or be added to a reservation.  Click here to create your Sixthman Username.  Your username should be something that is easy for you to remember such as your name or nickname.

If you have traveled with Sixthman previously or signed up for the Kid Rock Cruise 2014 Pre-Sale, you have a username and will not need to create one.  If you don't know your username, you can recover it here.  You can also contact us and we will be happy to look it up for you (try our live chat feature or contact us).

Use your Sixthman Username to login throughout the year to update your personal information, make payments, add guests, or make changes to your reservation.   To manage your reservation, sign in using your Sixthman Username here.

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How does travel insurance work?

Sixthman offers you a leading travel insurance plan through our partnership with Travel Insured International. Travel Insured specializes in providing quality coverage and superior customer care and claim service to our Sixthman guests. When you add our plan to your trip, you protect yourself from your policy's effective date through your return home. Your prepaid trip costs are protected against Trip Cancellation or Interruption due to an unforeseen accident or illness to you, your traveling companion or a family member. You also receive Emergency Medical Protection, Baggage Protection, Travel Accident Protection and Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance available 24/7 during your trip.

Remember that sometimes unwelcome events occur to disrupt great trips:

  • You are protected, up to full trip cost, if bad weather causes your common carrier to cease operating for 24 hours or more.
  • Illness or injury to you or a traveling companion or immediate family member causing you to cancel or interrupt your trip.
  • Missed Connection coverage can pay your expenses (up to $500) to rejoin the cruise or tour when you miss the departure due to a three-hour or more flight delay.
  • Emergency Medical Expense covers you if you need treatment in a foreign hospital for a sudden illness or accident. We guarantee your admission!
  • Trip Cancellation can cover terrorist events, a job layoff (if employed for 1 or more year) or jury duty.*
  • Assistance will be there if you lose medications or a passport, or need help canceling lost credit cards.

This coverage must be purchased before your final payment due date. Coverage for all benefits except trip cancellation will begin on the departure date. The trip cancellation benefit will begin at 12:01 AM on the day after Travel Insured receives your application. For pre-existing conditions to be covered you need to purchase Insurance within 21 days of your deposit (other restrictions apply).

Travel Insured also offers Cancel For Any Reason 50% Protection. The Cancel for Any Reason option is only available when specifically requested on the original application and the appropriate premium has been paid. The Cancel For Any Reason benefit must be purchased within 21 days of your initial trip deposit. This benefit allows the insured to receive a refund of up to 50% of covered trip costs on reservations cancelled up to 48 hours prior to departure for any reason outside of the covered circumstances.

This is a summary only containing highlights of the plan.  Download an Insurance PDF for complete terms, conditions and exclusions that apply.  Please Note: Residents of Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Texas and Washington have separate Certificates of Insurance in compliance with state requirements.

We know you might have questions about what is and is not covered so we encourage you to read the Insurance PDF or call Travel Insured at 1-866-684-0218 and specify you are calling about Sixthman Travel Protection.

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What is the Independent Traveler Program?

If you are planning on joining us for Kid Rock Cruise 2014, but you haven't been able to find someone to go with you, don't worry - this is the program for you!

The Independent Traveler Program (ITP) allows you to book a cabin and only be responsible for your half of the cabin (plus the standard taxes and fees of $215.00). However, by signing up for the ITP, you agree to be paired with another guest who is also participating in the ITP.  Full details can be found here.

Interested? Have questions? Please contact us at or call 877-379-9178 for this unique opportunity!

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Am I guaranteed access to all shows onboard?

Kid Rock Cruise 2014 is run “festival style,” with multiple shows going on simultaneously. All of these shows are general admission, so you’re welcome to come and go as you wish!

There are performances where capacity is limited, however the artists perform multiple times during the cruise.

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What is The Cannonball Club?

The Cannonball Club is our way of inviting our cruising community to experience more than one Sixthman vacation per year.  Any guest booked at full price* on Kid Rock Cruise 2014 is considered a member of The Cannonball Club and may book one or more Cannonball Club events at special reduced rates.

For all the details visit  We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to experience another one of our festivals, meet new best friends, discover great new bands and Cannonball into more exciting adventures at sea!


*Independent Traveler bookings and reservations with a paid in full, military, youth or single occupancy discount count as a full price reservation and are eligible for The Cannonball Club.

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